Using out-of-date apps or templates and plugins for them, or using very simple passwords always poses a threat to your Internet sites as these things make it much easier to hack them. Things can get even worse if you have a lot of sites since all of them will be vulnerable if an attacker gets control of just one of them. For this reason we have developed JailHost - an advanced level security option that isolates websites from each other. If a website is compromised, the attacker will be unable to see or gain access to any other content outside the website folder, so all the rest of the sites part of this account will be protected and will be intact. Using the JailHost option does not replace doing regular script updates or using proper passwords, but it will minimize any damage to your sites significantly, so you'll need to fix only one site instead of all of them.
JailHost in Shared Hosting
We have included JailHost for all shared hosting solutions, so you'll be able to protect all of your Internet sites with only a couple of clicks within your Hepsia Control Panel. The feature isn't enabled by default to avoid interfering with any websites where you may want visitors or administrators to access content from other folders inside your account, but activating it for all your other sites is really effortless. Unlike various other Control Panels where a lot of domains have their files in the exact same main folder, all domains and subdomains in Hepsia have their own folders, making the control and the protection of many different sites easier. In the unfortunate scenario of a site getting hacked, the rest of your websites will be safe and we will have several daily backups for the infected one, therefore we can recover it to its initial state in a matter of minutes.